PTR & Thermal Center

Located in Kaya Izmir Thermal & Convention in Balcova, Izmir, Turkey

At Medicte, we believe that emotional and social development is vital to the healing process. Thanks to our agreed partnership with KayaPhysical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, you will find the id eal conditions for your healing by combining medical technology with natural thermal resources.

Kaya Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center is located at Kaya Hotel in Balcova, which is well-known for its Agamemnon thermal hot springs. The Balcova thermal springs, located in Izmir, have been a source of health and wellness for over 2500 years. Historically known as “Agamemnon Springs,” the Balcova Thermal Springs offer several treatments, including hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, and kinesis therapy.

According to legend, these hot springs healed Agamemnon's daughter, whose body was covered with bruises and wounds. It is also rumoured that soldiers wounded during the Trojan War were also cured here, along with many soldiers who served under Alexander the Great. Over time, bathhouses, water, and mud pools have been built for visitors, with sulphur-rich waters at 62˚C-80˚C that heal rheumatic diseases, digestive maladies, post-injury healing and post-operative problems, along with calcification and metabolic disorders.

For our Physical Therapy patients, we provide treatment using state-of-the-art equipment for recovery and manual therapy. In addition, qualified and dedicated doctors customize treatment plans to your individual needs, including thermal water sessions during your stay at Kaya.

Why Choose Us

At Medicte, we believe that health is the most valuable thing in life. Choosing a provider to care for your health is one of the most important choices you can make. Read why you should trust Medicte to help you heal.

5 star luxury accommodations.

Thanks to our agreement with 5-star Kaya Hotel & Resorts, we can provide a stay unlike any other and hotel facilities are included in our price. The hotel offers many unique recreational opportunities such as a hot tub, sauna, and thermal water pool. Your whole family can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool with large slides. For guests who enjoy sports, the fully equipped fitness center is open all day. And for breakfast and dinner, unique tastes of Turkish and international cuisine are prepared meticulously. Turkish hospitality and a uniquely relaxing atmosphere ensure you have the very best European standards to make your stay rewarding.

A wide range of services.

You can find many services at Kaya Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, from spa to physical therapy.

Access to hospitals.

If you need an urgent treatment or have an emergency, we can provide immediate care thanks to our contracted hospitals.


This rare technology is state of the art and we are one of the only providers in Turkey.

Easy Transportation.

We provide transportation to doctor sessions and a translator to assist you. We can also assist in your visa and any additional accommodations.

Qualified doctors and nurses that are always available.

Kaya Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center has qualified doctors and nurses who are ready to assist whenever you need treatment. Doctors and assistants can be contacted 24/7.

Explore Turkey.

During your stay, we can arrange a city tour, or our travel department can arrange exclusive trips (additional fees may apply).


RoboGait is an advanced gait system and one of the robotic rehabilitation systems we use at our contracted Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center. Traditional treatments with parallel bars are often performed by two or three physiotherapists, but now effective treatment can be performed by a single user thanks to the robotic rehabilitation systems.

RoboGait is a robot-assisted gait therapy device. It can be used to accelerate the treatment process, which helps regain and improve walking ability. RoboGait creates a therapy whose goal is to establish the typical gait pattern of the lower limb, transfer weight in a controlled manner, and activate the neuronal pathway. The visual motivation system creates a plasticity effect.
Orthopedic and neuronal disorders such as hemiplegia, paraplegia, CP, CVE, Parkinson's, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, stroke, hip arthroplasty, and prosthesis after amputation.
RoboGait is not recommended for use in cases of hypertension, hypotension, severe osteoporosis, new CVE, patients with no tilted table experience, patients with circulatory problems, pregnant women or women suspected to be pregnant, patients with acute lower extremity disproportion, severe athetoid conditions.
The maximum weight is 140 kg and the maximum height is 200 cm.
Any patient that meets the appropriate conditions and has a femur length of 20 cm and above can be treated using RoboGait. There is no age limit.
Robot-assisted gait therapy is part of other treatments performed on the patient. It's goal is to help the treatment based on the patient's condition. Regular evaluations and treatment updates are necessary for a full recovery.
Generally, the minimum recommended session time is 20 minutes and the maximum time is 45 minutes.
Robogait should be used only by certified staff who take prior user training education from BAMA Technology.